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Some thoughts on my career, some advice I wish I'd known when I started out, and how to be a well-rounded designer.

A photo of me seeing a waterfall in Iceland – the reality isn't as Instagramy as people on Instagram make it out to be.
Tuesday 11 January 2022

Expectation versus reality, or 11 versus 8

Expectation versus reality. Dreams versus the sobering truth. Play to your strengths. Play the music at 11 and play reality at an 8.

8's across the board
A photo of two guys looking at some graffiti telling them to look at it, kinda like how imposter syndrome tells you to spend all your time focusing on it.
Wednesday 5 January 2022

Change your perspective, not your job

Work to your strengths – try accepting the things you can’t change, and try changing the things you can. You’ll know the difference.

I can change...
A photo of me at Booking.com
Tuesday 28 December 2021

The top 5 regrets of a dying UX designer

I don’t think it’s possible to live a life, or career, without regrets, but stopping to acknowledge some of them, can help set a course correction.

Hey, it's great to grieve!
A photo of me at a design process workshop on my Master's degree
Monday 27 December 2021

Hello design world!

Here's what I say when I'm asked how I became a UX designer; it's not a straightforward trajectory.

Hello backstory

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