I was born a few months before Mario was released on the NES. 33 years later I work for Booking.com in Amsterdam.

Liam J Moore

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Northern Irish digital designer/developer here. I could say I love going to the movies etc. but that's a bit obvious. I do really love music (electronic), I used to do a student radio show at university. I have a "make your own success" kind of attitude and applied this to my own magazine I started a few years ago.

So a bit of backstory: In 2008 I graduated from University of Ulster with a 2:1 degree in Interactive Multimedia Design. The following year, I studied a Masters degree and graduated with a Postgraduate Diploma in Multidisciplinary Design. This period of study and practice was the year that made me a designer, building my confidence and learning to dig a little deeper.

In July 2010 I joined Huguenot, an award-winning Irish branding and design agency. I then moved to London and contracted on various roles and jobs. I spent two years at John Lewis working on large national campaigns and smaller day-to-day projects.

ODOU was a self-initiated, self-run printed magazine I started in 2013. It went on to win literary awards for fragrance journalism and was stocked in Tate Modern, London.

I moved to The Netherlands in 2016 and joined the Booking.com Partner Marketing Creative Services team where I've been involved in creating scalable, templatised solutions for various B2B emails, landing pages and microsites.

I've been interviewed over on Fellow Resident , Stack Magazines and Future Positive if you want to dig deeper.

  1. Graduation

    2 Jul 2008

    I graduated from University of Ulster with a 2:1 degree in Interactive Multimedia Design.

  2. Masters

    13 Mar 2009

    The following year I joined the University of Ulster's Masters course, Multidisciplinary Design. It's this year that I learnt to be a designer. I attended many workshops and critically thought about art and design.

  3. The Gambia

    17 Jan 2010
    The Gambia

    After graduating with a Post-graduate Diploma, I went to The Gambia to do charity work before starting my career. It was a humbling experience working with Fresh Start Foundation and meeting friendly Gambians.

  4. Dublin

    7 Sep 2010

    I moved to Dublin in 2010 and worked in my first role post-University. It was for Huguenot, an award-winning branding and design agency. I cut my teeth in this role, learning how to work with clients and take lead from a senior designer.

  5. Karaoke

    27 Jul 2011

    Living in Dublin, there was the occasional karaoke night!

  6. London

    23 Mar 2012

    Just before the London Olympics I moved to London. Silicon Roundabout was emerging and I contracted on my first role in the city for Charles Stanley, one of the UK's leading investment management companies.

  7. John Lewis

    19 Feb 2014
    John Lewis selfie

    I start work at John Lewis. I devlop tonnes on this job and get to work with a great bunch of people!

  8. ODOU in Tate Modern, London

    24 Jun 2015
    ODOU in Tate Modern, London

    My magazine ODOU gets stocked in Tate Modern, London. I feel a sense of accomplishment I haven't felt before.

  9. The Netherlands

    11 Nov 2016
    An inspiration

    I move to The Netherlands and start the next phase of my career at Booking.com. I'm thrilled to merge my love of travel and design.

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