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I'm Liam Moore, a UX designer at Booking.com in Amsterdam. I solve trust and safety needs and address business goals.

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I joined Booking.com in November 2016 as a digital designer for B2B marketing. In 2019 I pivoted to UX.

I now help partners with their trust and safety needs when listing their homes on the site. My team develops the tools and solutions that assist them in their day-to-day interactions with guests.

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My Mind & I

From time to time, I enjoy having creative and interesting projects in my spare time. I love podcasts where the speaker tells a story – less interviewy.

One day I thought a podcast about mental health, told in the same way would be fun to kickstart. So I tasked myself with giving it a go, from recording and publishing to the design and brand.

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ODOU began as a side project. I wanted to explore the cross section of print and perfume and smells. A smell and perfume magazine didn't exist, so I thought I'd give it a go.

It won two awards for literary writing and was stocked in Tate Modern, London. I was the editor, designer, administrator, CEO etc…

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John Lewis

I was a digital designer at John Lewis, one of Britain's best loved department stores. It has a distinct brand, tone of voice and approach to market.

It was my job, in a team of twelve, to carry out the daily operations of the site, from creating page designs and builds, to display ads and onsite banners. There were the occassional quick fixes and updates too.

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Perfume Lovers London

I was asked to create a logo for the London Meetup group Perfume Lovers London to use on social networks and marketing materials.

It was a really fun project with creative room and collaboration with the client.

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