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Hey I'm Liam, a UX Designer at Booking.com. I solve user needs, address business goals, and I'm pretty good at Figma!


I found out about Beyond through the UK Channel 4 documentary, The Stranger on the Bridge. It follows Jonny’s journey to find Neil, who years earlier had talked him down from a bridge when he was suicidal. After the pair were reunited and taking part in advocacy work they started Beyond. I answered a social media volunteer call when they were in dire need of a designer.


I joined Booking.com in November 2016. I was tasked to design and develop scalable, templatised marketing solutions for multiple teams and use-cases: from email and landing page templates, to one-off campaign microsites. In 2019 I pivoted into a UX role. Data-driven, user testing, and failing fast are just some of the principles I've picked up along the way.

My Mind & I

After I had to put my magazine on hiatus, I felt a void fester away. I missed having something creative and interesting to do in my spare time. For a long time I was fascinated by podcasts where the speaker tells a story. Podcasts that were less conversational and more story driven grabbed my attention. One day I thought a podcast about mental health, told in the same format I was fascinated by, would be fun to kickstart.

ODOU magazine

ODOU began as a side project. I wanted to explore the cross section of print and perfume and smells. A smell and perfume magazine didn't exist, so I thought I'd give it a go. It won two awards for literary writing and was stocked in Tate Modern, London. I was the editor, designer, administrator, CEO etc…

John Lewis

I was previously a middle-weight digital designer at John Lewis, one of Britain's best loved department stores. It has a distinct brand, tone of voice and approach to market. It was my job in a team of 12 others to carry out the daily operations of the site, from creating page designs and builds, to display ads and onsite creative/banners. There were the occassional quick fixes and site amendments too.

Perfume Lovers London

Perfume Lovers London are a Meetup group for, you guessed it, perfume lovers. I was asked to create a brand/logomark for the group to use on social networks and marketing materials. It was a really fun project and the client got stuck in too.


epoints offer free rewards for shopping online and connecting with brands. I worked on epoints after the brand had been established. I was tasked with creating various digital content including email design and build with MailChimp and social media imagery. It was on this job I flexed my UI/UX muscles.

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