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Booking.com makes it easier for everyone to experience the world. I'm a UX designer in the trust and safety team helping partners host their guests.

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Helping partners with their trust and safety needs when hosting guests at their homes requires understanding, empathy, and context.

A photo of a plate smashed and broken on the floor.

Damage programme

Improving the hassle of collecting and returning damage deposits

Damage to a partner's property or contents is dissapointing and disruptive. We looked at the existing experience and sought to improve it for partners and guests.

Easing damage
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Liability insurance

A straightforward solution to assist making liability insurance claims

Third-party lawsuits or liability claims can be significantly, financially very damaging for partners, espeically partners new to hosting guests at their home.

Smoother claims
A photo of a phone.

SMS verification

Solving a user problem and creating business impact

Verifying potential guests via an SMS code, should be straightforward, but when technical problems prevent guests from booking, it impacts them, the partner, and Booking.com

Troubleshoot success

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